Worms in Space is a series of Sesame Street sketches, first seen in Season 29, in which Slimey and his fellow WASA astronauts form letters or numbers or shapes aboard the Wiggleprise. Jerry Nelson provided narration for the segments, as well as announcing the wraparounds akin to his own-announced "Pigs in Space" segments from The Muppet Show


  • Letters
    • C, D, H, K, L, Q, Y
  • Numbers
    • 9, 14, 17
  • Shapes
    • Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle (all in one segment)

WASA Astronauts

Slimey from Sesame Street (USA)

Legusano from Colombia

Spaghettini from Italy

Squashimi from Japan

Squishta from Romania

Selma The Chicken

  • She travels to space with the worms, but doesn't appear in the series because it only focuses on worms.


Even after the Worms come home in Episode 3785, the series continues to run until Season 38.


  • There are no vowels, although Y is sometimes considered a vowel. Also, O is mentioned in the Q segment.
  • D, L, and Y are the only letters to have a capital and lowercase made by the worms.


  • 9 is the only single-digit number while 14 is the only even number.
  • Also, 17 is the only prime number.


Letters: O

Numbers: 1, 4, 7, 11, 19