Sesame Street Segments Wiki

The segment series take place in a pool. A big letter rises from the pool in a Jaws spoof and the kids in the pool say the name of the letter.



  • E
  • F (Video: Furry Red Monster Parade, TV Episode Fun Pack: Volume 1)
  • K
  • N
  • R
  • S
  • W
  • X (Video: Awesome Alphabet Collection)
  • Y



  • It can be a different segment such as Safari Letters.
  • E and sometimes Y are the only vowels in the segment series.
  • F and X are the only letters in the segment to be released in home video.
  • F is the only letter in the segment to appear in the Sesame Street YouTube channel.
  • Running time of each segment is approximately 45 seconds.
  • Each letter has their own color pattern: