Milo Counting • Sesame Street • 1996

Milo Counting • Sesame Street • 1996

A series of segments where a man (Milo Motola) in an outdoor scene holds and presents sequential numbers from 1 to up to 13. The respective scenes for each number use "pixellation" effects, with the man often taking part in improbable activities such as emerging from a lake or sliding across a field. The segments were produced in 1996 by Ken Brown and Lisa Crafts. Caleb Sampson composed the score for each segment.


  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13

1 (lake)

2 (crowded city)

3 (out of the door)

4 (chair)

5 (elevator)

6 (spin around)

7 (restaurant)

8 (trees) (stairs when 8 is the number of the day)

9 (playground)

10 (house)

11 (ladder)

12 (field) (zoom out to field when 12 is the number of the day)

13 (boat)

Easter Egg

The scene for 2 takes place from the corner of West 45th Street to West 44th Street (unknown avenue) in New York City. Behind Milo, you can see a sign saying "S", possibly for Subway. When Milo stops at the corner of West 44th Street to show the number in front of the camera, you can see a ONE WAY sign underneath the West 44th Street sign, and there is also a Coca-Cola truck on the road.