The letters on street teaches the boy and girl voice. The store signs are the words that begin with the letter of the day. These segments appeared as early as Season 26.

Animation - Al Jarnow

Music - Elliot Sokolov


  • B
  • C
  • D
  • F
  • H (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game)
  • M
  • P


  • H is the only segment that is released to video.
  • There are some words that do not begin with the letters in the series.
    • B: Antiques, Sweet Shop Luncheonette, Bagels (unmentioned)
    • C: Sweet Shop Luncheonette, Antiques
    • D: Antiques
    • F: Sweet Shop Luncheonette, Main Street Market, Vegetables, Lobster
    • H: Antiques
    • M: Sweet Shop Luncheonette, Main Street (unmentioned) , Fruits & Vegetables, Moving (unmentioned)
    • P: Sweet Shop Luncheonette
  • There are no vowels in the series.