The Floating Kids ready to make an N

The Floating Kids segment is from the early 1990's and involves some magical children who demonstrate what certain letters and shapes look like by flying into the sky forming the letter or shape with their bodies. The segment begins by showing the children squating on the floor in a colorful room. A woman's voice asks the children either "Who wants to make a letter?" or "Who can make a shape?" The children then say "Me!" and leap up and start to float in to the air. The children enjoy flying and have some fun for the first 10 seconds or so by performing little aerial tricks like spinning and waving their arms. After the children have had enough fun flying around, the fly towards one another and use their bodies to make the letter or shape they were asked to make. The segment ends shortly after.


The Floating Kids Forming The Letter W

Here are some of examples of what the floating kids can do


  • In all of the letter segments, the narrator says "Who wants to make a (letter)?"
  • In all of the shape segments except circle, the narrator says "Who can make a shape?"
  • In the floating kids form an L, the longer intro, and shorter ending music are used.
  • In the floating kids form an N, and a Big T, the narrator said the letter instead of the kids.
  • In a girl floats around in a circle, the narrator says "Ooh, what's she doing?" then the narrator says "Oh, she's making a circle." Also the ending music from the L segment is used.
  • Small t is the only lowercase letter in the segment series.
  • In The Alphabet Jungle Game On DVD and VHS, when there's no letter Z in the jungle, Elmo, Zoe, and Telly act as the Floating Kids and make a Z in the sky. Zoe says the letter, oand the narrator (name is revealed to be Maria) says "The letter Z." The monsters come back down.
  • W is the only segment that is not known to debut in Season 24. Its' earliest known appearance is from Season 25.
  • In every floating kids segment the children start off squatting on the floor of a colorful room, however the color of the wall behind the children and the floor the are squatting on, as well as the sky they float up in to, is different in every segment


  • H
  • L
  • N
  • Big T
  • Small t
  • V
  • W
  • Z (Video: The Alphabet Jungle Game; with Elmo, Zoe, and Telly)
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle