Chinese 1-10 is a Sesame Street Chinese-themed counting segment. In this segment, Chinese things are counted 1-10 and Chinese fans are counted 10-0.

Beginning, a fan folds to reveal behind a fan with a number 1, which folds to reveal a number 2 behind.

A paintbrush paints a Chinese character for three as the stroked are counted to 3. The Chinese objects counted are:

1 dragon

2 roosters

3 boats

4 panda figurines

5 abacus beads

6 pagodas

7 goldfish

8 potstickers

9 masks

10 paper lanterns

10 fans appear, folding and disappearing one by one, counting backwards from 10 to 1. The last fan reveals a dumpling. After it's eaten, a number 0 appears, ending the segment.



Sesame Street - 10 Chinese things

Sesame Street - 10 Chinese things