Beach Letters is a letter segment series that is known to debut in Season 28. It features a person dressed as the letter of the day dancing on the beach and another person writing said letter in the sand. Next said letter appears on a flag.


  • A
  • I (fanon)
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • P
  • T
  • U
  • W
  • X


  • Running time for each segment is 17-18 seconds.
  • The J, U, M, and P costumes are green, and all appear in the "Jump" song, which is related to the series.
  • A, K, L, T, W, X are yellow, and are from "Walk" and "Taxi".
    • The I costume from "Taxi" is supposed to appear, but doesn't make it.
  • The flags for the A and L segments are blue while for the other letters are red.
    • The X segment is the only segment where the letter on the flag, red, is blue instead of yellow.
  • The typeface for the letters on the flag is Arial Black (you should know because the tail on the J ends diagonally).
  • Mo Willems wrote and directed each segment, including "Jump", "Taxi", and "Walk".
  • The series is dubbed in German (Sesamstrasse).
  • It's unknown who voiced the deep-voiced male narrator saying the letter as it appears on a flag. It could possibly be the writer of the series, Mo Willems.