2 (two) is a number. It's the first and only even prime number.


Jane Aaron's Number 2 Song (Holy Cow It's Number 2)

2, 2, 2, Me And you

Donnie Budd - Toucan Two Step

Falling Baker #2 - 2 ice cream cones, 2 turtles, 2 heads, 2 hats, 2 butterflies, 2 chocolate cream pies

The Count's Number Of The Day - When it's 2, 2 tap dancing tubas appear.

Elvis Costello and Elmo sing A Monster Went And Ate My Red Two, starring Cookie Monster.

Egyptian #2

Salty & Pierre #2

Kermit draws a number 2 on screen.

Hill Street Twos - Muppet police officers have trouble arranging themselves in groups of two.

Pinball #2 - Fair

In a 3-part sketch, Grover demonstrates the number 2.

The Mad Painter paints a number 2 on a sail of a boat.

The Two Train

The Bellhop must help two kids, Betty and Bobby Blobby, lost in the lobby find their parents.

Ringmaster #2 - The Ringmaster plays his saxophone to charm 2 snakes out of his hat.

Fem Myror Cartoons: 2 elephants, 2 giraffes, cow and horse, dog and moose, 2 moles, 2 snails, 2 fish

Super Two