1 (one) is a number. When you count, you start with one.


Falling Baker #1 - 1 penny, 1 bird, 1 wind-up toy, 1 cow, 1 belly button, 1 wedding cake.

The Count's Number Of The Day - When it's 1, one elephant shows up.

Jane Aaron's Number One Song (We're Talkin' 'Bout The Number One)

The number 1 muppet is the lead singer in A Chorus Line's One Singular Sensation.

Number Guy - 1 bird

Two kids count 1 duck.

Hortense - 1 drum

A group of number 1's chant "we're number one!"

Number Creatures - number 1 is a guy in the rain.

Fem Myror Cartoons: 1 alligator, 1 caterpillar, 1 fish, 1 snake, 1 whale (not brought to Sesame Street)

Rubber Stamps - 1 is a fish chef.

Abstract Count - 1 is a pineapple.